A+ building energy class

The WestHub25 centre is designed to ensure the moderate use of energy resources, thus controlling costs and not burdening tenants with exorbitant heating and energy costs. Proven sustainability solutions are being used for this, such as a solar power plant, a building management system (BMS), air-to-air heat pumps, autonomous lighting, and a white cool roof.

A great place for storage in Kaunas

The goal of the WestHub25 project is to develop warehousing facilities that are ideal for companies operating in the fields of storage, trade and production. Oriented towards smaller storage areas, it is situated at a busy intersection of national highways and features convenient light and heavy vehicle access.

Innovations that promote sustainability

The WestHub25 centre will feature innovations that promote sustainability, such as EV charging stations and a solar power plant that will provide the energy needed for the operation of the building. We will be able to offer our customers charging stations for passenger vehicles, as well as special 300 kW ultra-fast charging stations for heavy-duty electric vehicles, which are still relatively hard to come by.