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WESTHUB25 – a modern
Class A warehouse centre”

A 4,260 m2 warehouse centre for companies operating in the fields of storage, trade and production is being developed in the city of Kaunas next to the Western Bypass. The entire warehouse centre will be divided into four separate parts, where each part will have 914 m2 of warehouse space and 151 m2 of mezzanine space, which is perfect for setting up an office or a small representative store.

WESTHUB25 warehouse centre territory

The lot is 6,415 m2; 4,000 m2 will be used for heavy vehicles and 2,415 m2 – for light vehicles.

  • 300 kW ultra-fast charging stations for heavy-duty electric vehicles that is also suitable for light vehicles – 4 x 75 kW.
  • 22 kW charging stations for electric passenger vehicles with a total of 24 plugs.
  • Parking for 96 passenger vehicles.
  • Parking for 18 heavy vehicles.
  • 2 m fence surrounding the entire perimeter of the territory.
  • Automatic barrier gates to control entrance to the territory.
  • Video surveillance cameras outside the building and at the entrance.
  • Territory lighting.
  • 24/7 access to premises.

Good visibility and convenient access:

Your company’s logo on the facade of the building is brand advertising that will be clearly visible on the Via Baltica. The illuminated advertising pylon at the entrance will point you in the right direction. The main entrance/exit in on A1/E67, but there is also convenient access from B. Brazdžionio Street.

Internal characteristics of the warehouse

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  • No fossil fuels
  • Ceiling height: 7 m
  • Fire and security alarm
  • Lightning protection
  • Electricity is produced by a solar power plant
  • Cool roof system
  • LED lighting
  • Temperature range of +18°C – +20°C
  • Heating/cooling – air-to-air heat pump system running on solar power
  • Class A+ energy efficiency rating
  • Building management system (BMS)

Design benefits


Modern and efficient heating

VRF heat pump system that uses solar power generated by the building

Autonomous lighting

Autonomous lighting that allows you to save on energy costs

Management system

A building management system for simpler building maintenance

Adapted for electric vehicles

Fast- and medium-speed EV charging stations

Control system

Lot access control system

4-tonne load bearing capacity

Industrial concrete pavement with 4t m2 bearing capacity

Cool roof

A white cool roof that has been proven in practice

Economical building

Well-insulated and warm building

What people are saying

“WestHub25 is an ongoing investment project of ours that is designed to meet the development needs of WestHub tenants and attract new customers by creating a building featuring innovative solutions. WestHub25 is aimed at smaller businesses with storage needs of up to 1,000 m2. We will be able to offer our customers special 300 kW ultra-fast charging stations for heavy-duty electric vehicles, which are still relatively hard to come by.”
Greta Zavackė ir Darius Mikėnas
Project developers, UAB Kamida NT
“One of the main advantages is the energy class of the building. Tenants won’t be burdened with exorbitant heating or energy costs. Another advantage is that as far as logistics go, the location is very convenient, both in terms of connectivity and heavy vehicle access. Plus, the building is surrounded by what is probably the fastest growing residential area. The premises are attractive for both retail and wholesale trade. When designing the building, it was not the size of the building that was the priority, but convenience, so every tenant who chooses this building will definitely have good premises.“
Vaidas Mockus
Real estate consultant, MB 13NT
“This project is a continuation of the WestHub project. The project is focused on the customer who needs relatively small storage facilities. As with the previous WestHub project, WestHub25 carries on the fundamental vision of the developer, KamidaNT – developing high-quality, universal and smart premises with low operational costs.”
Germantas Kavaliauskas
Project manager, MB Baltic CPM

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